Jackson's Future Is an Option Play

Patt Morrison

June 15, 2005

Why do you suppose Michael Jackson looked almost as unhappy leaving the Santa Maria courthouse with 10 acquittals in his pocket as he did when he walked in maybe 45 minutes earlier with 10 criminal charges over his head?

He's a smart businessman; even in his relief, I expect he was scanning his options: What to do after an acquittal that arguably leaves him with fewer good choices than other people have after a conviction?

• The Arbuckle option: Slapstick master Roscoe Arbuckle — "Fatty" to silent-film fans — was tried three times and finally acquitted on charges of killing a "starlet" (the word had quote marks around it even then) during a weekend bender. Nonetheless, he was damaged goods. Even his run-of-the-mill eccentricities — like an extra-big Pierce-Arrow to make him look daintier — were marshaled as evidence of suspect character. He wound up directing two-reelers under the pseudonym Will B. Goodrich — Will B. Good, get it? — and later just William Goodrich.

And what of post-acquittal career prospects for Jackson, whose eccentricities tip over into the diagnostic? The now-what speculation is that the Jackson Five could reunite for a "family values" overseas tour. Or Jackson could play Vegas, if Vegas will have him.

Whatever his oddities, Jackson is immensely talented, and the ultimate Arbuckle incarnation would be offstage, off-mike — as a music producer.

• The Colson option: Charles Colson was a Nixon White House lawyer who went to prison for his part in the Watergate crimes. There, he found Jesus and began a Christian counseling program. Jackson, unconfined, might practice his Jehovah's Witness faith more publicly, as a gesture of sincerity. Answer your doorbell — it might be Jackson with a copy of "The Watchtower."

• The Martha Stewart option: Single glove or double oven mitts, both Stewart and Jackson have proclaimed their innocence. But Stewart's was a victimless crime, and prison gave her a martyr's garnish. Jackson stood accused of distasteful acts with boys; a couple of the jurors even believed he'd probably molested "somebody somewhere…. "

Stewart acknowledged that she came across as haughty and was not "the nicest person on Earth." If Jackson's stock is not to plunge further, he had better drop the "who, me?" hubris and listen to Jesse Jackson and Project Islamic Hope's Najee Ali, who have said Jackson needs to wise up and get those boys out of his bedroom. As a Chicago Sun-Times headline read, "Congratulations, Michael, Now Please, Get Help."

• The King Edward/Wallis Simpson option: Jackson could just beat it. Did you see all those French flags his fans were waving outside the courthouse? The land that welcomed an ex-king of England would surely welcome the exiled King of Pop. He could shed Neverland, saying it now has too many unhappy memories (not to mention unhappy cash flow) and hie himself off to Old Europe, where he is still popular in a way he has ceased to be here.

• The O.J. option: Not that we're going to hear about Jackson pledging to find the real molester. Simpson's acquittal put him back in the black — into the embracing fold of African Americans. Jackson, whose mirror has been telling him that he is the fairest one of all, has for a long time been a stand-up guy at black entertainment events and has written checks to African causes. Jesse Jackson remarked that neither he nor the singer believed that the prosecution's motives were racial. Yet, grandiosely, Jackson's website ranks his acquittal date among such historic events as "Martin Luther King is born" and "Nelson Mandela is freed."

• The Donna Rice/Monica Lewinsky option: The woman in Gary Hart's lap and the woman who fiddled with Bill Clinton's lap both managed to cash in on infamy. Rice endorsed "No Excuses" jeans, and Lewinsky became a poster girl for Jenny Craig. Don't go naked waiting for a Jackson clothing line (prep schools already have a lock on that blazer-and-badge thing), nor for a Jackson "Jesus Juice" bottled beverage. But there is that African animal theme park notion. He's already got the livestock.

• The last-stop option: If ever you hear a voice saying "Michael Jackson to block," you'll know that Jackson's star is truly in eclipse, for he will have moved from Neverland to Never, Ever Again Land: "The Hollywood Squares.


Michael Jackson = Anti-Jew Muslim
by J. Grant Swank, Jr.
Nov 27, 2005

If you think Michael Jackson has changed faces over the years, he's into another mask. But this time it's moving from Jehovah's Witness to Muslim, according to the website Arab-Israeli newspaper Panorma and reported by Roee Nahmias on ynet.com.

Jackson has done his homework, preferably reading Muslim material provided him by his brother, Jermaine, who likewise has become a Muslim.

With the bloody Muslim push worldwide, the Jackson brothers have definitely made the correct choice if they want to be on the side of risk takers, the bizarre even to the extent of committing suicide, and entrenched in an anti-social mode by which to bring the wrath of freedom-lovers down upon their heads.

Jackson, not new to novelty, has definitely thrown his soul in the direction of the satanic novel by "converting" to Islam. This is the religion that is not so much a religion as a killing cult. There is no other world religion that espouses killing off the opposition. Islam declares just that.

Further, Jackson has given up Jehovah for Allah. He has given up the WatchTower publications for The Koran. He has given up the Kingdom Hall for the local mosque in Bahrain where he has laid his hopes for finding peace and rest from the American press.

Jackson will now bow down five times a day toward Mecca, saying his prayers to Allah, and taking to heart the killing passages in the Koran. He will join in on the worldwide Islamic killers. He will have to move up a notch in courage to be willing to slay the non-Muslim, infidel, for that is the chief aim of any Muslim. If he turns into a coward Muslim, not willing to slaughter the infidels, then he himself will be open to being murdered by the Muslim zealots who keep to the Allah line.

If Jackson thinks his life to this point has been totally unpredictable, he has yet to come upon the most insane chapter of his biography. Nevertheless, to each his own.

With Jackson's distaste for the Jews, he definitely will fit in with the Muslims who call Jews "Jew-pigs and descendants of monkeys." He will have to hear the hate mantras of Muslims against Jews. He will probably be mentored in some mosque by a cleric in how to lay low an entire village or blow up a neighborhood. If he wants to spend his eternity in lustful pleasures, then he will want to strap to himself a suicide belt.

For the Jews, Jackson is reported as having said that "'they're like leeches…I'm so tired of it…They start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars and everything. End up penniless. It is a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose.'

"According to the report, Jackson's announcement noted he is moving to Bahrain and has purchased some real-estate on an artificial island there. The singer said he decided to convert to Islam because he is convinced it is the closest religion to his personal beliefs.

"Jackson also noted he intends to soon move all his assets and his studio from the U.S. to Bahrain, and expressed his hope to be rid of various legal troubles and enjoy the kind of freedom he says he does not have in America."

What Jackson does not fully realize is that Allah is Lucifer, the Koran has been scribed by demons, the mosque cleric is an agent of world destruction, and eternity is one debauched affair like unto the dark corridors of hell.


Michael Jackson wears robe, veil to Bahrain mall

Associated Press Jan. 25, 2006, 10:26AM

MANAMA, Bahrain - Pop star Michael Jackson was spotted shopping in a Bahrain mall today, hiding his face behind a veil and donning a black robe traditionally worn by women in the Gulf.

He was with three children, apparently his own, who also had their faces covered by dark scarves. An unidentified woman accompanied them.

The pop star, who seems to be settling in the Persian Gulf, was seen leaving Marina Mall in the Bahrain capital, holding a child by the hand. On the way out a back door, he shook hands with security guards.

The woman - also dressed in the black robe called an abaya, jeans and a scarf that partially covered her face - had the two other children. All three children were wrapped in black scarves and wore yellow shirts and sweatpants or khakis without robes.

Since his June acquittal on child molestation charges in California, Jackson has made several trips to Bahrain as a guest of Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the son of Bahrain's king. He reportedly was negotiating a position as a consultant with a Bahrain-based company that plans to set up theme parks and music academies in the Middle East.

On the mall outing, Jackson wore an abaya, pants, a white shirt and men's shoes. His head and face were wrapped in a black veil and he also wore black gloves.

The veil, abaya and gloves were of a style typically worn by conservative Bahraini women.

The woman asked photographers to respect their privacy and told them they were scaring the children before they left in a white car with darkened windows.

AAJ Holdings Ltd., owned by Ahmed Abu Bakr Janahi, said it wants to hire the 47-year-old Jackson to give advice on setting up entertainment businesses. He reportedly is building a home in Bahrain, an island nation in the Persian Gulf linked to Saudi Arabia by a bridge.

In November, Jackson stirred controversy in the United Arab Emirates by entering the ladies room in a shopping mall. His publicist said Jackson, who arrived in Dubai as the guest of a champion rally driver, did not understand the Arabic sign on the door and left the bathroom when he realized his mistake.

But local newspapers reported that the performer was applying makeup in the woman's toilets in a Dubai mall. Jackson's host, Mohammed bin Sulayem, dismissed the story as rumor.


If the King of Pop Converts to Islam

by Daniel Pipes
New York Sun
March 7, 2006

Michael Jackson, the king of pop, is "on the verge" of converting to Islam, CBS News reported last week. If that's true, it fits into a recurring and important African-American pattern.

Rumors of Mr. Jackson's conversion first surfaced in November 2003, a month after his arrest on child-molestation charges. Saeed Shabazz, a reporter for the Nation of Islam's publication, The Final Call, announced that Mr. Jackson had joined the organization. He added that NoI's leader, Louis Farrakhan, "sees a lot of spirituality in Michael." But the Nation of Islam denied this connection and the topic quickly faded.

It resurfaced only after Mr. Jackson's acquittal of the molestation charges in June 2005. By October he had moved to Bahrain, living in a spare palace belonging to Crown Prince Salman ibn Hamed Khalifa. Mr. Jackson's lawyer described him as "living permanently" in the tiny Persian Gulf island state with just 363,000 Bahraini subjects and half again as many foreigners.

In November came the news of Mr. Jackson donating "a huge amount of money" to build a mosque near his new residence. The Khaleej Times newspaper explained that the mosque "would be designated for learning the principles and teachings of Islam as well as teaching of English language, for which high-standard teachers would be brought from United States under his personal supervision."

In January, a Bahraini business, AAJ Holdings, announced it had hired Mr. Jackson as an entertainment consultant. In addition, Mr. Jackson was spotted leaving a Bahraini shopping mall wearing a black veil, black gloves, and a black robe (called the abaya). To avoid publicity, in other words, he dressed like an Islamist woman.

Given Mr. Jackson's famous eccentricities, it is unclear what his Bahraini venture amounts to, but if he does convert to Islam, he will be following a path in place since the late 1940s, of African-Americans under stress turning to some form of Islam. Their ranks include some notable high-profile cases:

Also, O.J. Simpson, the football star accused of murdering his wife, recalls, "when I was incarcerated I read the Koran," but he apparently did not go on to convert.

Mr. Farrakhan has won himself much attention by ostentatiously backing well-known American blacks who find themselves in trouble, such as he did for Michael Jackson after the 2003 arrest. Other figures include:

Also, during the high-profile 2004 trial of Lionel Tate, then the youngest-ever American sentenced to life in prison without parole (for killing a little girl when he was 12 years old), the Nation of Islam (according to the Palm Beach Post) stationed about 20 "black men dressed in sleek suits and bow ties" in the courthouse. Their leaders "spoke with the teen's attorneys, offering advice on security."

These and other examples establish Islam – in both its normative and Nation variants – as a leading solace for African-Americans in need. That helps explain why the United States has by far the largest Muslim convert population in the Western world (about 750,000 adherents). Each black public figure who converts to Islam or accepts Nation of Islam support creates an added impetus for other blacks to change religions, a pattern that has also emerged in other Western countries.

Thus do the actions of an erratic celebrity in distant Bahrain have significant consequences.