خطر اليهود وطبيعة العِداء معهم


1)     Our war with the Jews has many fronts such as ideological, cultural, psychological and financial and is by no means restricted to a military struggle.

2)     The role of the hypocrites from within our own ranks in this struggle.

3)     The Jews control the world through financial institutions and by spreading licentiousness.

4)     Holding on firmly to the covenant of Allaah will repel every plot of the Jews.

5)     Our enmity against the Jews is eternal.

6)     The urgency of Jihaad in repelling the malice of the Jews.

7)     The role of individuals and communities in this Jihaad.


First Khutbah


I have spoken previously about the Jews and will continue to do so because our war with this evil, sly and treacherous enemy is bitter and continuous. This war is by no means restricted to the military struggle around Al-Aqsaa. In fact it is being fought on many fronts such as ideological, cultural, psychological, political and economic. It is a comprehensive war and each one of us is under the pressure and burden of this war whether we realise this fact or not.

This comprehensive war has two sides to it; one is the open and declared side which is represented by the military occupation of Al-Aqsaa, which was the first direction of prayer for the Muslims. It is also represented by the Jews continuous threat to attack and occupy other Muslim countries.

This is the open and declared side, but there is another more evil and far more dangerous concealed side; this is the undeclared and hidden attack which has penetrated our hearts, minds, homes and communities. This attack is occurring under the pretext of civilisation and modernisation. We Muslims are actually aiding and assisting our enemy to attack us because we are willing accomplices, we think that we are being civilised and modern, but in fact we are ruining ourselves and our households with our own hands.

This undeclared and hidden attack, which has crept up to us stealthily, has its agents and followers who carry it on their shoulders. They are people from within our own ranks who speak our language and look like us but who have sold their faith and their souls to Satan. They have taken it upon themselves to be the riding animals of the Jews. Do you wish to know who they are? Do you wish to see them? The deceptive masks which they use can never conceal their ugly reality. These are people who betrayed Allaah, His Messenger sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam and the believers. Their speeches, writings, projects and institutes expose and unmask their repugnant reality.

As for the Jews, all they are concerned about is to achieve their aim – which is the downfall and destruction of the Muslims. They wish to defeat the Muslims ideologically, psychologically and morally. Their plotting against the Muslims includes this country, which contains two of the three sacred mosques, which they scheme against in their conferences and summits, such as the one which took place in Basle, Switzerland ninety years ago.

In that summit in particular, they planned to control the whole world by the use of two methods; by controlling the financial institutions of the world, and by spreading licentiousness. Ninety years later, they do indeed control most of the worlds’ financial institutions and have most definitely spread licentiousness through their expeditious and dangerous media in order to ruin the morals of the gentiles, or non-Jews. This is because the Jews know for certain that their plotting and planning will never succeed against any nation which adheres to their religious doctrines and maintains their moral integrity.

This nation of Muslims will always continue to disturb and enrage the Jews and remain firm in the face of their evil plotting. Allaah described their malicious scheming in the Qur’aan when He said that which translates as: “…Their planning (is sufficient) to do away with the mountains (if indeed anybody's could)” (Ibraaheem: 46).  Such evil planning is rendered weak and futile in the face of the plans of Allaah and His decree. Allaah always defends those who truly believe in Him and the believers are impervious to the wicked planning of anybody, be they Jews, Zionists or even Satan himself. This is because Allaah will always support the believers if they do indeed truly believe in Him, whereas those who do not believe will never have any supporters besides themselves.

We the people of belief must always remember this and know the following facts:

First: The enmity between us and the Jews is an established fact which is eternal, just as our Lord has informed us in His book. Therefore, the war between us and them has remained from the time of the prophethood of Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam and will continue until the Day of Resurrection. This is despite the fact that some of the Jews agents and followers may try to convince us that this enmity can be replaced with love and compassion and that peace can replace hostility, despite the fact that Allaah says that which translates as: “Never will the Jews and the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion. Say, Indeed the guidance of Allaah is the only guidance; and if you follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge, you would have against Allaah no protector or helper” (Al-Baqarah: 120) and also: “You will find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers (to be) the Jews and those who associate others with Allaah…” (Al-Maa’idah: 82).

Second: The only way to repel the Jewish plots, prevent their invasion and stop their evil from harming us and humanity in general is through Jihaad. Jihaad has many different ranks, the first of which is the struggle against one's own self, and the highest of which is fighting for the sake of Allaah. The most important of these ranks is the first, because we must defeat our whims and desires first; pleasing Allaah must take precedence over pleasing others, because when Allaah becomes pleased with us then He will protect us, and whoever Allaah protects is undefeatable.

The first step in this Jihaad is to curtail the undeclared and hidden attack which has crept into our way of thinking, our communities, our commerce, national flags, ideas and all other areas of our lives. We must all unite to end this domination of our hearts and minds. One may well ask; how do we achieve this? The answer is that each of us should start with themselves before anyone else. Do not be like those who spend all their days and nights imagining how the Muslims can defeat the Jews while they themselves are already defeated due to them being engulfed by the Jewish hidden attack in different aspects of their lives. If we can defeat the Jewish attack in ourselves, our homes, our businesses, our way of thinking, our customs and traditions, our family lives and all other aspects of our lives, and at the same time hold on to the covenant of Allaah, then and only then will we be able to defeat the Jews. Allaah says that which translates as: “O you who have believed, if you obey a party of those who were given the scripture, they would turn you back after your belief (to become) unbelievers. And how could you disbelieve while to you are being recited the verses of Allaah and among you is His Messenger? And whoever holds firmly to (adhering and trusting Him) has (indeed) been guided to a straight path” (Aal ‘Imraan: 100-101).