J. Fielding Smith Racism

Note: Joseph Fielding Smith affirms blacks had no part of the early Mormon "Church."
(Elder Parley Pratt speech) "Fourthly, Concerning free negroes and mulattoes. Did not the laws of Missouri provide abundantly for the removal from the state of all free negroes and mulattoes (except certain privileged ones)? And also for the punishment of those who introduce or harbor them? The statement concerning our invitation to them to become Mormons, and remove to this state, and settle among us, is a wicked fabrication, as no such thing was ever published in the 'Star,' or anywhere else, by our people, or anything in the shadow of it; and we challenge the people of Jackson or any other people, to produce such a publication from us. In fact one dozen free negroes or mulattoes never belonged to our society in any part of the world, from its first organization to this day." Church History and Modern Revelation.
Note: Joseph Fielding Smith blames God by way of the "Pearl of Great Price."
If Abraham, Joseph, and Moses had married Negro wives their descendants would have been denied the priesthood according to the word of the Lord to Abraham. Had such a thing happened the Lord would not have called Israel as a chosen people, neither would he have chosen the Prophet Joseph Smith and given him the keys of authority for the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times, as he was a descendant of Joseph and of Abraham. Answers to Gospel Questions, Volume 1.
Note: Joseph Fielding Smith says that restrictions would be removed for blacks someday.
Fortunately for the Negro, he is not denied entrance into the Church. He may be baptized for the remission of his sins and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and if true and faithful to the end, he may enter the celestial kingdom. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds out more for the Negro than any other religious denomination. Salvation in the Kingdom of God is open to him, with the promise that in the due time of the Lord, if he receives the gospel, all restrictions will be removed. We have in the Church many good, honest, faithful Negroes who fully understand. Answers to Gospel Questions, Volume 2.
Note: Joseph Fielding Smith blames God for the restrictions placed on blacks.
In the matter of religion they also may choose any faith they please. The Church does not bar them from membership, and we have members of the Negro race in the Church. If a Negro is baptized and remains true and loyal, he will enter the celestial kingdom, but it is not the authorities of the Church who have placed a restriction on him regarding the holding of the priesthood. It was not the Prophet Joseph Smith nor Brigham Young. It was the Lord! If a Negro desires to join the Church, we will give him all the encouragement that we can, but we cannot promise him that he will receive the priesthood. Answers to Gospel Questions, Volume 2.
Note: Joseph Fielding Smith says blacks were not faithful spirits who kept the first estate.
Let us reason together. In the Book of Moses, Chapter 4, and in the Book of Abraham, Chapter 8, we are taught that there was a council held in heaven and our Eternal Father presented a plan by which we could come down on the earth and receive tabernacles (bodies) of flesh and bones for our spirits which are begotten sons and daughters unto God. We learn also that one third of those spirits rebelled against the plan and followed Satan. For this they were denied bodies of flesh and bones and have to remain spirits. Why do not those who complain about the Negro and the priesthood also complain about the punishment which was given to this third of the spirits? They were denied even the blessings of bodies! Was this an injustice on the part of our Eternal Father? Well, there were other spirits there who were not faithful in the keeping of this first estate. Yet they have not sinned away their right to receive bodies and come to earth and receive the resurrection. They were restricted in the privileges that were given to those who keep their first estate and who were promised to have "glory added upon their heads for ever and ever." Therefore the Lord prepared a way through the lineage of Cain for these spirits to come to the earth, but under the restriction of priesthood. Answers to Gospel Questions, Volume 2.


Note: Joseph Fielding Smith says restrictions on blacks would be removed in the distance future on another planet not in 1978 on planet earth.
Kindly see chapters 15 and 16, in The Way to Perfection, for further light in relation to the reason why the Negro cannot receive the priesthood. In brief, it is as follows: Because of transgression in the first estate which deprives him in this second estate. Since Cain slew his brother Abel in order to obtain all the rights of priesthood to descend through his lineage, the Lord decreed that the children of Cain should not have the privilege of bearing the priesthood until Abel had posterity who could have the priesthood and that will have to be in the far distant future. When this is accomplished on some other world, then the restrictions will be removed from the children of Cain who have been true in this "second" estate. Answers to Gospel Questions, Volume 2.

Note: Joseph Fielding Smith says only "white" elders can baptize and confer the Holy Spirit.
Moreover, according to the faith and knowledge of the elders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who are so frequently called "Mormons," the Church can do more for the Negro than any other church on the face of the earth. What other church can baptize them by divine authority and confirm them and give them the gift of the Holy Ghost? What other church can promise them with assurance that they can if they are faithful and true before the Lord enter into the celestial kingdom? Not one of them! For other churches do not know anything about the celestial kingdom. Answers to Gospel Questions, Volume 4.


Note: Joseph Fielding Smith says a black must be baptized Mormon to be saved.
Therefore if a Negro joins the Church through the waters of baptism and is confirmed by the laying on of hands and then he remains faithful and true to the teachings of the Church and in keeping the commandments the Lord has given, he will come forth in the first resurrection and will enter the celestial kingdom of God.

Note: Joseph Fielding Smith says that blacks can not minister within the "Church."
The Negro who accepts the doctrines of the Church and is baptized by an authorized minister of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is entitled to salvation in the celestial kingdom or the highest heaven spoken of by Paul. It is true that the work of the ministry is given to other peoples and why should the so-called Christian denominations complain? How many Negroes have been placed as ministers over white congregations in the so-called Christian denominations? Answers to Gospel Questions, Volume 4.