Hindu Terrorists

The Hindu terrorists 

By I.K. Shukla

The Milli Gazette (online edition); September 26, 2005

Besides the Hindu terrorists from the well-established training camps in India under the saffronazis, other Hindu mercenaries too are active all over from Ayodhya to Kashmir. The infamous comment made by Lal Kishenchand Advani, the ex-Home Minister of the expired BJP-led NDA government, that Bajrangis being terrorists is a joke, only spurred the brutes of Bajrang Dal in their crime spree. Dara Singh, a Bajrangi, had successfully terrorized Orissa by burning alive Pastor Graham Staines and his two sons.

Advani’s clean chit to the Dal in the wake of this heinous crime made him look more an ogre than a sentient human. George Fernandes, the then Defense Minister, had called it a foreign conspiracy, not a Hindutva crime. That Hindu terrorists have been the backbone of RSS-VHP-BJP-Bajrang Dal, the communal fascist combine, has been evidenced time and time again. Its so-called “trishul-dikshas” (knife distribution) are naked and subversive paramilitary training camps for its militias. Not only are the enlistees given their arms and training but also incantatory lessons in hate and violence against minorities, who, they are told, have to be bloodily extirpated, in order for the land exclusively to belong to Hindus.

This climate of sacred savagery spawned by the saffronazis has successfully spread the miasma of bigoted violence all over. The abundance of firearms freely made available to the HinduTaliban gangsters empowers the anti-socials and prods them to “action”. This is an investment towards routine training in ethnic cleansing and eventually establishing Hindu Rashtra, envisaged by Savarkar and Golwalkar, the prime mentors of assassins, arsonists, thugs and rapists “serving the cause of Hindutva”.

A glimpse of the climate of Hindu crimes rampant is in order. An article, titled Gujarat 2002 Visits Gohana [Haryana] by Shamsul Islam (Milli Gazette,
16-30 Sep. 05, p.8, New Delhi) lays out “Similarities with Gujarat 2002 Carnage”:

• “Dalit houses and properties were burnt by releasing gas from cylinders. Big and well constructed houses were both looted and burnt whereas smaller houses were only looted. The arsonists carried away moveable properties in carts they had brought with them to transport their booty.

• Police and law and order machinery stood as mock spectators. • Only Dalit properties were targeted. If there happened to be a non-Dalit property, it was spared, which means the attackers had full knowledge of the identities of the home-owners. For instance, in Arya Nagar which has mixed population, only Dalit houses were blasted. Likewise, at Samta Chowk market (adjacent to Balmiki Basti), out of around 20 shops only a junk-dealer’s shop owned by a Dalit was looted and completely burnt.

• A hate campaign against Dalits preceded the actual attack on Dalits. Dalit localities were declared to be hotbeds of criminals. The local administration did nothing to discourage or check this activity.

• These were not only Hindu Dalit houses which were burnt but also those owned and inhabited by Christian Dalits were similarly looted and burnt.”

But the “cause” gets served in many ways else too, unimagined by the manic mentors. Below are just a few examples.

1. Ramesh Pande. He was among the terrorists who stormed the Ayodhya temple on 5 July. The state government rewarded his family with a lakh of rupees ex- gratia. More compensation to family members is said to be under consideration.

2. Doctor S.K.Pandita, charged with sheltering militants in Kashmir, along with Pt. Dalip Kumar, arrested, for financing them. Pandita disclosed he carried messages and ammunition to the militants.

3. Sham Lal and Kirpal Singh, in Rajouri-Poonch, belong to Hizbul Mujahideen and Sanjay to Lashkar-e-Toiba, according to SP J.P.Singh.

4. In 2001, Kuldeep Singh, with seven others, killed in an encounter in Chatter Gali, Doda district. Elder brother Randeep Singh is still a commander of the Hizbul Mujahideen, Doda Dist.

5. Bharat Kumar, arrested in Satwari, Jammu City, with arms and ammunition. Trained for four years in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

6. Lal Chand, crossed over to POK in 1997, returned to Doda in 2001 after receiving military training there, according to the police.

7. Police arrested a noted Hindu smuggler, involved in Jammu’s Raghunath Temple attack in 2002,

8. On 9 Nov. 2004, Manoj Kumar Manhas, was one of the 47 militants who surrendered to the army. He revealed he was lured into militancy by Baldev Singh, absconding.

9. Uttam Singh, alias Saifulla, 23, a sector commander with Hizbul Kahmir,slain Aug.19 in an encounter in Jammu. Was in Pakistan five years, trained in arms.

10. Virendar Singh, 25, a Hizbul operative, supplied arms and funds to jihadi colleagues in India, captured in New Delhi.

11. Aug. 24, Hizbul militant Chattar Singh, carrying a pistol and grenades, was arrested in Doda.

12. Shakeel Wani, ex-Hizbul militant, now a fruit vendor in Srinagar, said at least 100 Hindu Kashmiri boys had fought against Muslim militants.

13. Attractive Hindu girls luring Hindu youths into terrorism. The issue of
27 Aug. 05 Jagran, a Hindi daily, runs this story. Nina, 15, is said to have played an important role in making many Hindu youths terrorists. She sent them across the border for training in arms. From the Chingas area of Rajouri, living with a relative, Joginder Singh, she came in contact with Shamsuddin, the district commander of Hizbul, This discomfited Joginder who sent her away to brother Balwan Singh, but she continued her work securing food and shelter for the terrorists in Gujjar homes. From her the police found out many things.

14. Ravi Kumar, Satwari area, arrested while on his way to the border for trainin

15. Security personnel estimate that the Hindu terrorists may be 500 strong.