The Myth of Islamic Tolerance - How Islamic Law Treats Non-Muslims edited by Robert Spencer


Foreword by Ibn Warraq - The Genesis of a Myth


Part 1 - Islamic Tolerance: Myth and Reality

Chapter 1 by Robert Spencer - The Myth of Islamic Tolerance


Part 2 - Islamic Law Regarding Non-Muslims

Chapter 2 by Samuel Shahid - Rights of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State

Chapter 3 by Walter Short - The Jizya Tax: Equality and Dignity under Islamic Law?


Part 3 - Islamic Practice Regarding Non-Muslims

Chapter 4 by David G. Littman and Bat Ye'or - Protected Peoples under Islam

Chapter 5 by Bat Ye'or - Historical Amnesia: Naming Jihad and Dhimmitude

Chapter 6 by Bat Ye'or - Dhimmi Peoples: Oppressed Nations

Chapter 7 by Bat Ye'or - Dhimmitude: Jews and Christians under Islam


Part 4 - The Myth and Contemporary Geopolitics

Chapter 8 by Bat Ye'or - Past is Prologue: The Challenge of Islamism Today

Chapter 9 by Bat Ye'or - Oriental Jewy and the Dhimmi Image in Contemporary Arab Nationalism

Chapter 10 by Bat Ye'or - Aspects of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Chapter 11 by Bat Ye'or - Euro-Arab Anti-Zionism

Chapter 12 by Walid Phares - The Oppression of Middle East Christians: A Forgotten Tragedy

Chapter 13 by Bat Ye'or - A Christian Minority: The Copts in Egypt

Chapter 14 by Bat Ye'or - Eastern Christians Torn Asunder: Challenges-New and Old

Chapter 15 by Patrick Sookhdeo - Christians in the Muslim World

Chapter 16 by Bat Ye'or - Persecution of Jews and Christians: Testimony versus Silence

Chapter 17 by Mark Durie - What is Happening in Indonesia?

Chapter 18 by Mark Durie - Documentation of Oppression of Religious Freedom in Aceh, Indonesia

Chapter 19 by Bat Ye'or - Jihad and Human Rights Today

Chapter 20 by Bat Ye'or - Culture of Hate: A Racism That Denies the History and Sufferings of Its Victims

Chapter 21 by Mark Durie - The Dhimmitude of the West

Chapter 22 by Bat Ye'or - Beyond Munich: The Spirit of Durabia

Chapter 23 by Bat Ye'or - Eurabia: The Road to Munich

Chapter 24 by Srdja Trifkovic - The Islamic Conquest of Britain

 Chapter 25 by Daniel Pipes and Lars Hedegaard - Something Rotten in Denmark


Part 5 - Human Rights and Human Wrongs at the United Nations

Chapter 26 by David G. Littman - Islamism Grows Stronger at the United Nations

Chapter 27 by David G. Littman - Universal Human Rights and "Human Rights in Islam"

Chapter 28 by David G. Littman - "Blasphemy" at the United Nations and Judeophobia

Chapter 29 by Rene' Wadlow and David G. Littman - Dangerous Censorship of a UN Special Rapporteur

Chapter 30 - Judeophobia Today=Anti-Judaism/Anti-Zionism/Antisemitism: A Growing "Culture of Hate"

Chapter 31 by Robert S. Wistrich - The Ideology of Jihad: Antisemitism/Genocide/Slavery in the Sudan

Chapter 32 - The Alarming Growth of Judeophobia/Antisemitism Since the Vienna World Conference on Human Rights

Chapter 33 by David G. Littman - "Free at Last": Slaves in Sudan/Disappearing Jews of Iran: Their History

Chapter 34 - The Ancient Jewish Community of Iran: End Silence, Disappearances, Discrimination, "Dhimmitude"

Chapter 35 by David G. Littman - The Remnant Dhimmi Populations of the Middle East and North Africa

Chapter 36 - Historical Facts and Figures: The Forgotten Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries

Chapter 37 - Discrimination in the Egyptian Criminal Justice System

Chapter 38 - "Rushdie Affair": Syndrome and Historical Overview

Chapter 39 - Blasphemy Legislation in Pakistan's Penal Code

Chapter 40 by David G. Littman - Universality of International Human Rights Treaties

Chapter 41 by David G. Littman - Homage to UN High Commissioner Sergio Vieira de Mello

Chapter 42 AWE Statement - International Bill of Human Rights

Chapter 43 by Roy Brown - Combating Defamation of Religions

Chapter 44 by Ibn Warraq - Apostasy, Human Rights, Religion, and Belief-A General Overview of Apostasy

Chapter 45 by Shafique Keshavjee - Apostasy, Human Rights, Religion, and Belief-A Concrete Proposal

Chapter 46 by Muhammad Younus Shaikh - Apostasy, Human Rights, Religion, and Belief-Pakistani Blasphemy Law

Chapter 47 by Paul Cook - Apostasy, Human Rights, Religion, and Belief-Islamic - Christian Context

Chapter 48 by David G. Littman - Utopia: A "United States of Abraham"

Chapter 49 by David G. Littman - Yasir's Terrorist Jesus


Part 6 - The Myth in Contemporary Academic and Public Discourse

Chapter 50 by Ibn Warraq - Edward Said and the Saidists: Or, Third World Intellectual Terrorism

Chapter 51 by Daniel Pipes - Jihad and the Professors

Chapter 52 by Robert Spencer - The Islamic Disinformation Lobby

Chapter 53 by Mark Durie - 'Isa, the Muslim Jesus

Chapter 54 by Bat Ye'or - Islam and the Dhimmis

Chapter 55 by Bat Ye'or - Answering Al-Azhar

Chapter 56 by Bat Ye'or - Islam, Taboo, and Dialogue

Chapter 57 by Bat Ye'or - Israel, Christianity, and Islam: The Challenge of the Future

Chapter 58 by Ibn Warraq - Honest Intellectuals Must Shed Their Spiritual Turbans