Brigham Young University (BYU) Bathrooms

Camouflaged Bathroom

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I went to the BYU library tonight. Fiance and I decided to mix up our evening meeting a bit and have a change of scenery. Instead of him coming to my apartment (like he has done every night for the past two weeks. what a sweetheart he is) I met him at the library where he could study and I could work on my talk that I have been asked to give this Sunday.

It was nice to be somewhere different for a change. As for accomplishing much, I did ok. I think I have slight tendency for ADD when I am in a new place. I mean there are people to watch, surroundings to admire, and to watch electronic book shelves move! Yeah I know all you BYU people are thinking "what's the big deal?" but in Rexburg our book shelves don't move.

Anywho...After an hour or so I asked fiance if there were any bathrooms around. He said that there were some just out the doors and down the hallway a little bit. It sounded easy enough so off I went to find the bathrooms. I walked just where fiance told me to... and kept walking...and then walked a little more...and finally got that "I have missed something" feeling.

Luckily there was a sign with directions as to where different things were in the building. Yeah again we don't have the "You are here" signs at BYU-Idaho either. [Pretty much we didn't have a lot of what BYU has but I wouldn't give up my education at good ole BYU-Idaho for any moving book shelf or "You are here" sign.] After reading the sign telling me that the bathrooms were back in the same direction that I had just come I was thoroughly confused. I definitely hadn't seen any bathrooms.

With no other option I headed back the way I came and there they were...the bathrooms whose doors completely blended in with the wall! I am not kidding you it was barely recognizable that there was two doors there. It also didn't help that the only thing identifying that it was a bathroom was a sign the size of a piece of paper displaying which was the boy's and which was the girls.

I don't know what BYU is trying to pull having camouflaged bathrooms but it isn't cool. You can't do that when a girl is used to huge flashing pointing arrows that say RESTROOMS this way! I could have very well completely missed those doors and then what would I have done? I don't think anyone wants think about that so let's not make finding the bathrooms like an Where's Waldo book.