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German state bans mosque group after imam calls for killings

Associated Press

BERLIN -- German state officials say they've banned an Islamic cultural association that ran a mosque in the central German town of Kassel due to extremist comments.
Hesse state Interior Minister Peter Beuth said Thursday that the Almadinah Islamic Culture Association was banned because the group's leading imam had, among other things, repeatedly called for the killing of infidels in his sermons.
Investigations by the authorities also confirmed that several members of the mosque had already left Germany for Syria to join extremist Islamic fighters there.

Muslim cleric ‘says Cologne sex attacks were VICTIMS’ fault because they wore perfume’

A MUSLIM cleric has allegedly claimed women sexually assaulted during the New-Year Cologne attacks are to blame “because they were half naked” - in a shocking statement.


Jan 20, 2016

The shocking claims reportedly made by Sami Abu-Yusuf of the Salafist Cologne mosque also pointed the finger at the innocent victims for “wearing perfume”.

According to Breitbart he allegedly said: “We need to react properly, and not to add fuel to the fire.

“The events of New Year’s Eve were the girls' own fault, because they were half naked and wearing perfume. It is not surprising the men wanted to attack them."

On the last day of the year mobs of refugees assaulted more than 500 women in and around Cologne railway station, sexually molesting and robbing them.

The incident has caused uproar in Cologne and calls have been made for Chancellor Angela Merkal to change her open-door policy.

Several rallies have also been staged in the German city against migration.

The horror attacks have sparked riots as tensions between protestors and counter-protestors reaches breaking point.

Police officer notes describe a timeline of how women were surrounded by men who put their hands down their trousers and groped their breasts.

When the victims dropped their belongings trying to defend themselves they were robbed, according to the notes.

A spokesman of the Bavarian security service said of the behaviour: “Salafists are trying to talk with unaccompanied youths who have come to Germany without their families and who are in particular need of support and connections.

“The Salafists are trying to use the desperate situation refugees find themselves in for their own goals”.


German official wants to tag Islamic militants
Wed Dec 28, 2005 10:43 AM GMT

BERLIN (Reuters) - Known Islamic militants should be electronically tagged so their movements can be tracked, a regional German interior minister proposed on Wednesday.

"This would allow us to monitor the roughly 3,000 Islamists who are prone to violence, hate preachers and fighters trained in terrorist camps," Lower Saxony Interior Minister Uwe Schuenemann said in an interview with Die Welt newspaper.

"Hate preachers" is how Germans describe radical Muslim clerics.

Schuenemann said electronic tagging was a viable alternative to holding suspected militants in protective custody, a proposal floated by former German interior minister Otto Schily. It would not be against Germany's constitution, he was quoted as saying.

"It's practical for all Islamists who are prone to violence and who we can't expel to their home countries because they could be tortured," said Schuenemann. Germany's federal and state governments share responsibility for security services.

Under Germany's federal system, states have a great deal of control over their internal security operations and routine policing.

London also proposed electronic tagging of terror suspects in July as an alternative to jailing them without charge.

Electronic tagging of criminals has become widespread in Britain where much of the work being outsourced to private companies such as Serco Group.

A Hamburg, Germany-based cell of al Qaeda was responsible for the planning and execution of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon in the United States.

Since those attacks, Germany has cracked down on Muslim extremists living in the country and has had a number of high-profile trials of radical Islamists.