Indian Muslim Cleric Hate

Imam arrested for beating priest

October 25, 2018

After news of the quarrel spread, BJP activists held a rasta roko at Pochamma Maidan junction and demanded the arrest of the imam.

Warangal: A 68-year-old priest of a Sai Baba temple near Pochamma Maidan junction in Warangal was beaten up by the imam of LB Nagar Masjid Syed Natiq Hussaini after the two argued over the use of the temple loudspeaker.

According to the police, the priest, Mr Devunoor Satyanarayana,  was preparing for puja early in the morning when the imam went to the temple at about 5.30 am and demanded that he shut down the loudspeaker which was playing the ‘suprabhatham’. When the priest refused, the imam started punching him. The incident was caught in CCTV cameras inside the temple.

Locals who heard the argument rushed to the spot. A flower vendor stopped the imam and asked him to leave. With the help of locals, the priest was shifted to the MGM hospital.

Doctors said the priest had sustained internal bleeding due to a ruptured liver and broken ribs. He was responding to the treatment but is yet to gain complete consciousness.

After news of the quarrel spread, BJP activists held a rasta roko at Pochamma Maidan junction and demanded the arrest of the imam. Natiq Hussaini who went missing after the incident was tracked down by the police by the evening and taken into custody.

Warangal Urban BJP district president Rao Padma said they were not sure if the police had got the right person as there was a difference between the man seen in the CCTV footage and the person being shown by the police.

“When similar incidents took place in other temples, the police showed a mentally challenged person as the accused. We are not convinced the police has got the right person this time,” she said.

Hugging someone of opposite gender forbidden in Islam

Nazar Abbas
Jun 23, 2018

MORADABAD: The district imam has pronounced as “illegal and un-Islamic” the act an unidentified girl hugging youthsoutside a shopping mall in Moradabad on the eve of Eid. A video of the girl hugging youths was widely shared on social networking sites. The girl hugged almost 50 youths who waited in a queue for their turn.

Traditionally, in Muslim society, women and girls are not permitted to hug or make any physical contact with male strangers, regardless of whether it is a festive occasion or not.

After facing flak for her act, the girl who had uploaded the video on YouTube apologized through social media.

The cleric also criticized the youths who hugged the girl and said they too violated Sharia laws.

District imam Maualna Mufti Mohammed Ashrafi told TOI, “I have spoken with the girl and convinced her that hugging the boys is un-Islamic and against the Shariat. She had committed this act in innocence and the same law applies for the boys who committed this un-Islamic Act.

"She is like my daughter and I have told her that under the Islamic law, you can only hug people who are ‘mahram’ to you (category of people with whom marriage is not permissible for example father, brother etc) and your spouse of course,” said Ashrafi.

The youth who hugged the girl should also perform repentance and never repeat it, said Ashrafi.

Kerala Islamic preacher MM Akbar arrested in Hyderabad: Here’s what he is accused of

MM Akbar, an Islamic preacher and managing director of Peace International School, was arrested in Hyderabad on Sunday. Akbar was wanted for allegedly igniting communal enmity through textbooks at his school in Kochi.

By: FE Online | New Delhi |  Published: February 26, 2018

MM Akbar, an Islamic preacher and managing director of Peace International School, was arrested in Hyderabad on Sunday. Akbar was wanted for allegedly igniting communal enmity through textbooks at his school in Kochi. According to police, Akbar had been residing in West Asia after escaping from the country. He is also the founder-director of ‘Niche of Truth’ which is an organisation engaged in spreading Islam, as per The Indian Express report.

Akbar was detained by immigration officials at Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. A lookout notice was issued by Kerala Police against his name. Biji George, In-charge, Assistant Commissioner (Special Branch), Kochi Police said that they had issued a lookout circular for Akbar. He was detained at Hyderabad on Sunday afternoon after which Ernakulam (North) Police Station have taken him in custody. Police added: “A case against Akbar regarding promoting enmity had been registered. He was arrested in that connection.”

Earlier in October 2016, cops had registered a case against Akbar’s school after they found offensive themes in Class 3 students’ textbooks. An FIR under Section 153 A of the IPC was filed against Akbar and the publishers of the textbooks.

K Lalji, assistant commissioner Kochi Police, who are investigating the case, said police had earlier arrested three people associated with the publishers. However, they are now out on bail. Akbar had left the country after cops arrested the representatives of the publishing house.

The Peace Education Foundation currently runs 13 CBSE affiliated schools and it has been under the scanner after 24 Kerala youths went missing, allegedly to join Islamic State in June 2016.

Muslim cleric arrested for allegedly smuggling firearms

Tue, 4 Apr 2017


A Muslim cleric was today arrested from Vijay Nagar area here for allegedly smuggling firearms into the national capital region (NCR) from Bihar's Munger district.

Acting on a tip-off, a police team intercepted Tahir Hassan (55) at Tigri roundabout. They searched his baggage and found a dozen .32 bore pistols and 11 magazines in it, following which he was arrested, Senior Superintendent of Police Deepak Kumar said.

Hassan, a resident of Sherpur area in UP's Muzaffarnagar district and a cleric of a mosque at Jansath, told police that the arms he was carrying from Munger in Bihar were to be supplied to criminal groups in Noida, Ghaziabad and other regions of NCR, he said.

The SSP said the man had been jailed in the past by the Muzaffarnagar Police's Crime Branch for allegedly supplying at least 500 illegal arms in the communally-sensitive district.

I only urged Muslims to terrorise evil doers

FMT Reporters
July 8, 2016

PETALING JAYA: Controversial preacher Dr Zakir Naik has clarified that he only urged Muslims to “terrorise” evil doers and insisted he never supported terrorists, India Today reported.

In a telephone interview with India Today Television, Zakir also alleged that the clips in which he spoke of former Al Qaeda chief, Osama bin Laden had been doctored.

Zakir – who has come under the spotlight after it was revealed that two of the gunmen who attacked a cafe in Dhaka which left 20 dead were inspired by the preacher – also claimed that the Bangladesh government had no problem with him.

The Mumbai-based preacher, according to the report, also claimed there were some quarters trying to spread hate in his name.

Zakir, India Today also noted, “has distanced himself from the controversial statement that “all Muslim should be terrorists.”

However, in a recording of the interview uploaded by the Indian broadcaster on its Facebook page yesterday, Zakir admitted that the clip which featured him saying that every Muslim should be a terrorist was not doctored.

Following the deadly attack last Friday, both India and Bangladesh have now launched investigations into the controversial preacher. Muslim clerics from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh meanwhile, want the popular preacher arrested, with a blanket ban on his TV network Peace TV.

Back in Malaysia, opinion is divided over the Salafist preacher, who created quite a stir when he was invited to give a series of lectures earlier this year in the country.

Malay right wing NGO, Perkasa called upon Muslims to defend Zakir, while Multiracial Reverted Muslims, a Muslim NGO, said those linking the preacher to the attacks were envious of his popularity.

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) has urged Putrajaya to rescind the Maal Hijrah award given to Zakir and ban him from speaking in Malaysia.

Hindraf Makkal Sakthi meanwhile wants the government to bar the errant preacher from entering the country and outlaw his teachings.

Bohra cleric urges female genital mutilation?

The Times of India
April 29, 2016

MUMBAI: Efforts may be on to end the practice of female genital mutilation that young girls in the Dawoodi Bohra community are made to undergo in India but their spiritual leader may not be convinced yet as he went on to publicly encourage the act of khatna (female circumcision) albeit indirectly, in his recent sermon at the Saifee Mosque in Bhendi Bazaar.

A four-minute audio clip from Syedna Muffadal Saifuddin's bayaan (speech) on the occasion of the 51st Syedna Taher Saifuddin's death anniversary, has gone viral over a mobile messaging app and generated conversations within the community on how the Syedna's endorsement may urge close followers of the spiritual head to continue with the painful practice.

The clip begins with a plea from the Syedna speaking in a mix of Gujarati and Urdu. "We should keep our things strong, stay firm. Even the big sovereign states, whatever it is they say, if it makes any difference to our things, then we are not prepared to understand!" he says and then adds. "The act has to happen! If it is a man, then it is right, it can be openly done, but if it is a woman then it must be done discreetly, but then the act has to be done. Please understand what I am trying to talk about..."

A Mumbai resident present at the Hussaini Mosque where the sermon was being beamed live on a giant screen confirmed that the clip was what he had heard being broadcast. "The Syedna was reading from a script which is usually the routine on such an occasion but all of a sudden he went off and started talking in a cryptic fashion. It was confusing at first. Then we gradually realized that he was talking about female circumcision when he used words like amal (act), mamlakat (states) and that the act must be carried out discreetly for women and openly for men. It was very disturbing for me and my wife," he told TOI. A close friend of the Syedna family dismissed such an interpretation of the Syedna's speech when TOI called him. "It was a general comment. Nothing specific. People are interpreting it differently," he said alleging that, "Those close to the new claimant to the Syedna title are trying to target our revered Syedna (Muffadal Saifuddin)."

A 36-year-old Bohra woman who has lived through the horrors of khatna and currently settled in the US expressed her anguish having heard the clip. "Just a month ago many of us in the US received a letter from the jamaat (local community unit) that works under the Syedna's guidelines. It said that we must follow the law of the land and not practice khatna. I was thrilled, at peace with my faith. What I just heard reflects hypocrisy. I'm disillusioned and worried."

Cleric held with cocaine not of SIMI : police

Guwahati, July. 19 (PTI): Police today said no evidence was on the Muslim cleric arrested in Dibrugarh town for possession of cocaine to prove that he was linked to the banned Students' Islamic Movement of India.

"On interrogation we have not found any evidence pointing to Imamuddin Ahmed's link with SIMI," Dibrugarh Additional Superintendent of Police A Sargoyary said.

Ahmed, 45, was arrested by Army personnel yesterday and 800 gm of cocaine found on him.

"So far he can be said to be a drug dealer," the ASP said adding that police would continue to interrogate him.

The Army had claimed that Ahmed, who was a 'maulvi' of Chaulkhowa masjid in the Upper Assam town and running a 'madrasa' (Islamic seminary) had links with SIMI and certain papers relating to it were recovered from him.


Assam: Muslim cleric arrested with brown sugar

Guwahati, July 19 (PTI): A Muslim cleric has been arrested for allegedly possessing 800 grams of brown sugar, worth about Rs 8 lakh, from an Upper Assam town, police said today.

Forty-five-year-old Imamuddin, a Maulana of a local mosque, was arrested yesterday from Dibrugarh town with the contraband, they said.

Interrogation is progressing and police is probing his possible links with any fundamentalist organisations active in the state, they said.


Clerics offer reward for writer's head

Bruce Loudon, New Delhi

March 19, 2007

A BOUNTY offered by an extremist Islamist group in India for the beheading of prominent Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, who lives in exile in India, has the country's 150million Muslims in uproar.

The 45-year-old feminist and human rights activist has been trying to get permission to stay in India permanently, and was not available yesterday to comment on the fatwa.

Nasreen has been the target of Islamic fundamentalist anger since speaking in favour of equal rights for women and expressing opposition to the oppression of non-Islamic minorities in Islamic societies. She has also called for a revision of the Koran.

Two years ago, an Indian Muslim cleric offered a reward toanyone who "blackened" herface.

The call for her beheading comes from a small but influential Islamic group in Lucknow, and is a further indication of the difficulty the Government has in dealing with her request to be allowed to stay in the country.

The president of the All-India Ibtehad Council, Taqi Raza Khan, offered the bounty of about $15,000 for the head of Nasreen, whom he described as "that notorious woman".

He said the decision had the full backing of the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board, and claimed that 150 scholars, lawyers, retired public servants and professors had passed a resolution to oust Nasreen from India.

"This woman has a vicious tongue and has been attacking the Shariat," Taqi Raza Khan was quoted as saying. "We have been hearing that the Indian Government is thinking of granting her citizenship. The decision is repugnant to all God-fearing Muslims. If the Government does not drive her out within 10 days, all hell will break lose."

A noted Lucknow cleric, Maulana Khalis Rasheed Firangimahali, said he, too, would like to see the back of Nasreen.

"She has been consistently vicious in her attack on the Prophet and must be restrained," he said.

But he baulked at the idea of getting someone to kill her. "Beheading someone is not something that falls under the purview of personal law and therefore (scholars) must steer clear of such announcements," he said.


Bihar woman beaten, stripped by cleric

April 11, 2007

New Delhi: A woman panch in Bihar’s Motihari district was allegedly beaten up and stripped by a Muslim cleric in public view.

Chanda Khatoon was allegedly beaten up with a baton, stripped and then paraded at Siswa village in East Champaran district on Sunday for protesting against local madarssa teacher Alauddin for complaining against the "damage" he had done to her house.

News agency PTI quoted police officials as saying that Alauddin dug up a portion of the wall of her mud house while constructing a house adjacent to Chanda's

When Chanda, who makes a living working at the madarssa, protested, he beat her with a bamboo pole before stripping and parading her naked in the village.

Chanda filed lodged an FIR with Banjaria police station on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Alauddin is absconding.