Khargone Muslim Cleric Hate


Muslim cleric outlaws court ruling

He issued a ‘fatwa’ annulling a divorce decree on the ground that the judge was a non-Muslim

MUMBAI, Thursday, November 10, 2005


Indore: Questioning the power of the judiciary in the affairs of the Muslim community, a religious body in Khargone district recently issued a ‘fatwa’ annulling a divorce granted by a court in Sendhwa town of Madhya Pradesh on the ground that the judge was a non-Muslim.

The fatwa was issued by Mufti Mohammad Rafiq Qasmi of the Darul-uloom following an appeal against the divorce decree by Anwar Khan, who claimed he is still the husband of Arjumand Bano on the basis of the shariat (Muslim personal law).

It states, "The order of magistrate (judge), a non-Muslim, is not acceptable in Islamic shariat and therefore, the woman cannot enter into wedlock a second time.
“If she has already gone for a second marriage, then it amounts to 'haramkari' (illegal)."

Arjumand married Anwar Khan of Khargone in the year 1996. After spending some time with her husband, she went back to her parent's place in Sendhwa town. Later, she filed a divorce suit in the local court, which ruled in her favour.

After the divorce, Arjumand's parents married her to a school teacher of Barwani district.

However, Anwar Khan filed an appeal with the Mufti of Darul-uloom, Khargone, who annulled the court order on the ground that the magistrate was a non-Muslim and therefore his order was not acceptable under the Islamic shariat.
The Darul-uloom also states, in the fatwa, that as per shariat, Arjumand continues to be the wife of Anwar Khan.

Khan has filed an application in the Sendhwa court along with a copy of ‘fatwa’ pleading for cancellation of the divorce decree.
The court has fixed November 22 as the date for discussing the application.
Meanwhile, Arjumand filed a ‘contempt of court’ petition against Anwar Khan for getting a fatwa against the court order by misleading the Mufti.

Now, political parties have jumped into the fray.

On Tuesday, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) international general secretary Praveen Togadia condemned the Darul-uloom for issuing a fatwa in the matter and demanded from a stern action against the Mufti and those not having faith in the Constitution and judiciary.

Akhtar Baig, vice-president of the Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee’s minority cell, also condemned the Mufti and demanded stern measures to check the growing menace of issuance of fatwas by religious bodies.

Condemning the fatwa, former advocate general of the State and senior lawyer Anand Mohan Mathur said religious bodies must understand that a decision given by the court is equally applicable to all citizens of the country, irrespective of religion.
He requested all Muslim and intellectual bodies to vociferously oppose the decision of the Darul-uloom.