Mormon Church Leadership Has the Ability to Spy on United States Citizens



By Douglas A. Wallace
November 30, 2009

"Quest for Empire: The Political Kingdom of God and the Council of Fifty in Mormon History." By Klaus J. Hansen. (East Lansing: Michigan State University 1967) The book is out of print and collector's copies are running about $200.00

In Quest for Empire, Klaus Hansen lays out the diabolical plan of the Mormon leaders since founder Joseph Smith, Jr. had himself crowned King of the Earth by the Council of the Fifty in 1844 not too long before his death.

Every successive leader of the Mormon Church has been also crowned “King” of the Earth. Present Mormon Leader Thomas Monson is also crowned King of the Earth.

The semi-secret Council of the Fifty (spelled backwards in early times, “ytfif “in a clumsy attempt to conceal it) was created by Joseph Smith to prepare the way for the Mormon concept of the Kingdom of God on Earth. It is and has been relentless in that pursuit.

In the late 1950's it provided Israel with Uranium ore mined in southern Utah by which Israel, a non signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, has developed and presently possesses at least twenty warheads.

It harbors the notion that the day will come when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ and that Jews will cast aside Judaism and become members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints (Mormon). That the great temple of Solomon will be rebuilt on the temple mount in Jerusalem from where the word of the Lord will go forth.

It further harbors the notion that world law will go forth from Zion in Missouri where the “King” of the Mormon notion of an earthly Vice-Regency of Christ, the Mormon Prophet, Seer and Revelator will direct the affairs of a totalitarian global government. Making laws and surreptitiously executing their enforcement using the Blood Atonement * doctrine [justified murder] as needed, Those who oppose it will be sinners against God who may need to be killed in order to maintain global subjection to the Mormon Prophet.

This wild ambition has been written about by many authors. Even Mormon doctrinarian Bruce Mconkie in his book Mormon Doctrine details all about the longed for establishment of Zion in America with the Mormon prophet at the helm of world government. (See also Mormon Conspiracy by Charles Wood)

In 1966 the Mormon Church by way of Mormon Mafia captain Bill Gay [of Howard Hughes infamy] began to create the electronic ability to spy on people world-wide to help bring about the day when the church would be able to eliminate its enemies by which it could more openly pursue its ambition of world domination.

I have written about that subject in my recently published memoirs, Under The Mormon Tree available from

At the time (1966) I was a member of a Mormon ward bishopric and was astounded to learn that a device designed as a bee shaped lapel pin would be given out to certain elders of the church in order to eavesdrop on unsuspecting individuals or groups for the purpose of building up the “Kingdom”.

Later the system was used against me and I was able to see first hand what the device looked like. That is also detailed in Under The Mormon Tree. Technically, it is known as a microwave cavity resonator.

The ultimate purpose was to build dossiers on potential enemies against whom the council of the fifty could move to neutralize. All for the purpose establishing the real kingdom of God on earth.

Implementation of the technology had to wait until the church had completed its 47 story international headquarters at 50 East North Temple in Salt Lake City. The top four floors were designed as a fort and storage for the digital records accommodated.

In September 1971 I took my oldest daughter to start her studies at BYU in Provo Utah. Due to an automotive breakdown on my way back toward Salt Lake City, I was able to have the time to visit with my old Boss, Julian Cannon, at the church building department.

He was also in charge of the belated tower construction and was being forced into retirement upon completion of all but the top four floors. When asked what those floors were for he replied that he had no improvement plans. When I asked why not he responded, “Beats the hell out of me but they are building it like a fort!”

The use of the info gained from the technology was first used to ferret out gay students at BYU. Six of whom committed suicide after a meeting with Spencer W. Kimball. By 1975 the technology was in full operation as discussed in Under The Mormon Tree.

How much digital info on Americans and others is stored in the equipment on those top floors of world headquarters can only be guessed at. It is without a doubt obtained sans court order and all in violation of the constitutional privacy rights of Americans. Info collected from other locations of the world likewise is illegal.

If the reader thinks that is scary information; consider what is presently being developed to augment those digital records in the state of Utah!

The National Security Agency (NSA) is building a 1.5 million square feet cyber storage facility in Utah costing 1.6 Billion Dollars.

The stated purpose is the same as the Mormon spying; to know who to move against when the occasion arises: Those who would oppose fascist control of the world.

Anyone who knows anything about the tight Mormon control over federal agencies in Utah will understand that by building the facility there the Mormon Church and its Council of the Fifty will have unfettered access to the information stored in that building.

The efforts of Mormon Senators Robert Bennett and Orin Hatch have paid off handsomely for this storage facility to be located in Utah. It matters not to them that the digital information is gleaned from NSA unauthorized interception of the private communications of Americans. To them it is no different than what the secret agency of the church has been doing for the past forty years from the state of Utah with its microwave spying technology.

For those who wish to see the Mormon Church succeed in its quest for Empire, do nothing but clap your hands!

For those of us who know the dishonest nature of Mormon racketeering we should be in the streets objecting to this travesty on the citizens of the United States! The Dark Ages of the Catholic hierarchical control of the world will be seen to be as child's play as against the sanctimonious arrogant attitude of Mormon Elders and their heel clicking obedience to the Great Imposter: God's Mormon Vice-Regent on planet EARTH!

* Blood atonement saves sinners because the blood of Christ doesn't cover them. Under the doctrine having their blood shed by others covers their forgiveness.