Mormon History

Reaction of Carroll County Citizens - 1838

Daily Missouri Republican August 18, 1838

THE  MORMONS  IN  CARROLL  COUNTY. -- Notwithstanding the co-operation of Jo Smith and his followers with the Loco Focos, they do not seem to [so obtain] a very good relationship with the people of Carrol county. A meeting was held at Crrolline, in Carroll county, on the 30th of July, at which James Standley presided, and T. H. Freeman acted as secretary. A preamble and resolutions were presented and accepted. They recite, that David Thomas and Henry Root had encouraged some of the Mormons to settle in the western part of the county, and had sold them lands, &c. Whereupon, a resolution was passed, requesting the Mormons to leave county; and a committee was appointed to wait upon Thomas and Root and communicate to them the sense of the meeting. The meeting thus adjourned until the 7th inst.

On the 7th the meeting met pursuant to adjournment, Thomas Minnis acting as chairman, and T. H. Freeman as secretary. The committee appointed at the previous meeting made a report and the annxed proceedings were had:


That on the second inst. we acquainted Henry Root (David Thomas being absent) and the other Mormons who have located themselves at De Witt, with the wishes of the citizens of this county, and that they received for answer language of the most insulting character, and were also informed that they (the Mormons) were determined not to leave Carroll county; and that Root said, if the citizens of Carroll county attempted to drive them out of the county, they would apply to the Far West for assistance, and in such case we would have to abide by the consequences.


August 7, 1838.
  On notice of Doctor William W. Austin, the following named persons were appointed a committee to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of this meeting, to wit: A. C. Blackwell, Charles G, Merrill, James Standley, Hiram Wilcoxen. John Phillips, L. W. Gilbreath, Stephen Smart, George Hardwick, and E. I. Rea; who retired, and after due consideration, reported the following preamble and resolutions:

WHEREAS the people called Mormons about eight years since, located themselves in Jackson county, and for improper and dishonorable conduct were driven from said county by the citizens thereof. And whereas the citizens of Clay county received them as persons whom they believed were persecuted and did, under such impression, aid and protect them until they found by actual experience, that said Mormons were a class of people amongst whom other denominations could not reside with any degree of satisfaction. And whereas it was distinctly understood, and expressly agreed upon by said Mormons and the other citizens of the upper part of the State of Missouri, that they (the said Mormons) might select a tract of country uninhabited, and locate themselves in peace, but they should not intrude upon the citizens of any of the adjoining counties, agreeably to which contract, the Mormons first settled that tract of country now known as Caldwell county, which met with the approbation of the counties adjoining. And whereas said Mormons have broken the covenant so by them made, and are now settling in Carroll county, contrary to the express wishes of the citizens thereof. And whereas said Mormons and their abettors have threatened to assassinate some of our most valuable citizens:

Therefore be it resolved by this meeting, That there be a committee of safety appointed to consist of five persons, to wit: Doctor William W. Austin. Edmund I. Rea, William Freeman, Hiram Wilcoxen, and Abbot Hancock, whose duty it shall be to correspond with the adjoining counties. and make known our distressed situation, and request aid to remove Mormons and abolitionists, and other disorderly persons, out of the limits of Carroll county.

Resolved That the committee of safety be authorized to adopt such measures as to them shall seem most expedient for the safety of the citizens of Carroll county.

Resolved That the committee of safety be, and they are hereby, authorized to raise, by subscriptions or otherwise a sufficient sum of money to defray any expense that may accure in carrying the foregoing resolutions into effect.

Resolved That the citizens of the adjoining counties be, and they are hereby requested to form corresponding committees, and hold themselves in readiness to give assistance if the same should be required.

Resolved That the editors of the public papers within the State be, and they are hereby requested to publish the proceedings of this meeting.

On motion of Hiram Wilcoxen, the foregoing preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted.

           THOMAS MINNIS, President.
T. H. Freeman, Secretary.