Mormon History

Move to Nauvoo and Secure Your Eternal Inheritance - 1841 

Western World January 20, 1841

A proclamation has been recently issued by the Presidents of the Church of Latter day Saints (Mormons) calling upon all who are converts to the new faith to take up their residence as soon as practicable at or in the vicinity of Nauvoo. This City having recently received a charter of the most liberal character, the Mormons have determined to make it the gathering place of the Saints throughout the earth

Whatever may be thought of the tenets of this sect, it is certainly an imposing spectacle to witness the moral power which in so short a period they have exerted. -- Already, in obedience to this call, have hundreds left their homes in Europe, and thousands are now preparing to leave and take up their residence in a far distant land. And in our own country, from the east, and from the north, and from the south, converts are continually flocking to this new city. What may be the ultimate result it is impossible to divine. But a few years ago the Mormons were regarded as a set of fanatics, deserving only the pity or contempt of mankind; but now that their numbers are concentrating they begin to assume, at least in this state, a political and moral importance possessed by no other denomination.

Believing it to be a subject of interest to our readers we subjoin the following extract from the Proclamation:

Having been instrumental, in the hands of our heavenly Father, in laying a foundation for the gathering of Zion, we would say, let all those who appreciate the blessings of the gospel, and realize the importance of obeying the commandments of heaven, who have been blessed of heaven with the possession of this world's goods, first prepare for the general gathering; let them dispose of their effects as fast as circumstances will possibly admit, without making too great sacrifices, and remove to our city and county -- establish and build up manufactories in the city, purchase and cultivate farms in the county -- this will secure our permanent inheritance, and prepare the way for the gathering of the poor. This is agreeable to the order of heaven, and the only principle on which the gathering can be effected -- let the rich, then, and all who can assist in establishing this place, make every preparation to come on without delay, and strengthen our hands, and assist in promoting the happiness of the Saints. This cannot be too forcibly impressed on the minds of all, and the elders are hereby instructed to proclaim this word in all places, where the saints reside in their public administrations, for this is according to the instruction we have received from the Lord.

The Temple of the Lord is in process of erection here where the Saints will come to worship the God of their fathers, according to the order of his house and the power of the holy priesthood, and will be so constructed as to enable all the functions of the priesthood to be duly exercised, and where instructions from the Most High will be received, and from this place go forth to distant lands.

Let us then concentrate all our powers, under the provisions of our magna charta granted by the Illinois Legislature, at the "City of Nauvoo" and surrounding country, and strive to emulate the action of the ancient covenant fathers, and patriarchs, in those things which are of such vast importance to this and every succeeding generation.

The "Nauvoo Legion," embraces all our military power, and will enable us to perform our military duty by ourselves and thus afford the power, and privilege of avoiding one of the most fruitful sources of strife, oppression, and collision with the world. It will enable us to show our attachment to the state and nation as a people, whenever the public service requires our aid -- thus proving ourselves obedient to the paramount laws of the land, and ready at all times to sustain and execute them.

The "University of the City of Nauvoo," will enable us to teach our children wisdom -- to instruct them in all knowledge, and learning, in the Arts, Sciences and Learned Professions. We hope to make this institution one of the great lights of the world, and by and through it, to diffuse that kind of knowledge which will be of practical utility, and for the public good, and also for private and individual happiness. The Regents of the University will take the general supervision of all matters appertaining to education from common schools up to the highest branches of a most liberal collegiate course. They will establish a regular system of education, and hand over the pupil from teacher to professor, until the regular graduation is consummated, and the education finished. This corporation contains all the powers and prerogatives of any other college or university in this state. The charters for the University and Legion are addenda to the city charter, making the whole perfect and complete.