Mormon History

Special Privileges of General Joe Smith - 1843

Quincy Whig December 27, 1843

NAUVOO CITY COUNCIL -- GEN. JOSEPH SMITH -- SPECIAL PRIVILEGES, &c. -- The last "Nauvoo Neighbor." contains several ordinances passed by the City Council of that city, and among others, one entitled, "An extra ordinance for the extra case of Joseph Smith and others." The preamble to this ordinance sets forth, that Joseph Smith has been greatly harrassed by the persecutions of his enemies, and by the repeated requisitions of Missouri for his person, and therefore it is enacted,  "that hereafter, if any person or persons shall come with process, demand or requisition, founded upon the aforesaid Missouri difficulties, to arrest said Smith, he or they shall be subject to be arrested by any officer of the city, with or without process, and tried by the Municipal Court upon testimony, and if found guilty, sentenced to imprisonment in the City Prison for life, which convict or convicts, can only be pardoned by the Governor, with the consent of the Mayor of said city."

Here is a pretty kettle of fish, truly! -- Gov. Ford must keep quiet hereafter with his "processes, demand and requisitions," or if his officers should dare invade the dominions of General Joseph, an example will be made of them instanter -- the[ir] liberties shall be taken from them forever! The Nauvoo City Council hath said it! and the enactments of the City Council, are backed up by the bayonets of the Legion! so says a Mormon. It is, indeed it is, a shame and a pity, that the locofoco authorities of Missouri and Illinois, will not let the poor, inoffensive, defenceless, quiet, law-abiding Mormons, rest in quiet in their new found Jerusalem! Even Gov. Ford shall bestow an act of clemency without the consent of the "Mayor of Nauvoo," so says this City Council!

This same City Council and "Joseph Smith, Mayor, "have passed another ordinance, entitled, "An ordinance for the health and convenience of travellers, and other persons." This ordinance sets forth that the "Mayor of the city, (Joseph Smith,) be and is hereby authorized to sell or give spirits, of any quantity, as he in his widsom shall judge to be for the health, comfort or convenience of such travellers or other persons, as shall visit his house from time to time."

How charitable this towards the "travellers and other persons!" How "convenient" for the "Mayor of the City" -- General Joseph himself!

This is really an amusing specimen of humbug of the shallowest description, when it is recollected, that "General Joseph Smith, Commander of the Nauvoo Legion," "Mayor of the City," "Prophet in these last days," &c. &c. &c. &c. is a hotel keeper, and craves the loose change that usually drops from the passing traveller -- (particularly those who have not taken the "Pledge") -- in passing through our cities and towns. Truly, 'tis an amusing sight to see the great (!) and titled (!) men of the earth (!) stooping to the low condition of retailing Whiskey at a picayune a dram! How art thou fallen mighty Joseph!