Mormon History

Joe Smith Compared to Mo-ham-mad - 1844

Warsaw Message March 6, 1844

The Quincy Whig and the Mormons. -- The Quincy Whig has taken the true position in relation to Mormonism. In the last number the Editor discourses as follows:

"Some of our Mormon friends, or rather acquaintenances, we suppose we should should call them, are exceedingly wrathy, because we published an article in our last paper from the New York Tribune, reflecting in somewhat severe terms, upon the leaders of the Mormons. We are sorry that we cannot please them -- but having made up our mind to publish all that the cause of truth demands, in exposition of Smith's blasphemy, hypocrisy, and political proceedings, generally, whenever we deem it necessary and proper, to the public good, we shall not turn aside from our duty in consequence of the frowns or threats of any one or dozen men. We have no religious or sectarian prejudices to gratify, in exposing the conduct of the Mormon leaders. We should pursue the same course towards any other denomination calling themselves Christians, were the leaders of the same guilty of attempting to unite religious and political power together, under the control and at the behest of a leader whose morals as a religious teacher, as a politician, as an official magistrate, and as a man, were of so doubtful and questionable a character as Smith's. When such a man has influence in the land, and is leading thousands of perhaps honest, though deluded individuals, into a position that must bring upon them misrey, wretchedness, and a thousand other ills, it is time for the press to speak out, and expose the knavery and hypocrisy of such a man. We shall not, of course, devote much of our paper to the Mormon controversy, now raging in Hancock county, but we shall on necessary occasions publish such matter, referring thereto, as will best, as we believe, serve the cause of truth, humanity, and the rights of other citizens. This, Mormons, and all others may rely upon.

"We are informed at a church meeting of this people in our city, on Sunday last, one or two of their speakers took the opportunity to denounce our paper in the strongest language, for publishing the article referred to above. This was hardly in the character of Christians, as they claim to be. If they were "persecuted." as they assert, the good book teaches them to bear all such things with patience and an enduring spirit -- instead of induging in wrathy denunciations, and exhibiting a bitter and vindictive feeling. This last is too much in the character of Mahomet, such as their leader desires to be, if he only had the men and money."

==> Why do you dignify the Mormons by taking any notice of them? is the question asked by a certain class of individuals. Well, why do you dignify a thief by taking notice of him? He is a poor, good for nothing, low-lived blackguard; why are you so undignified as to say one word in relation to his acts? Let him alone, don't speak of him, for fear that you will contaminate yourself.

Now, as for ourselves. We regard Jo. Smith, personally and individually, as beneath our contempt, but as the leader of an organized band, having power to inflict great mischief, we look on him as a dangerous and powerful man, whose actions should be watched, and closely scrutinized. If he has the power to injure us, and minifests the disposition to exercise that power...[we must take] a defensive posture, and in doing this we must regulate our movements by the actions of our common foe.