Mormon History

U.S. Officials Leaving Utah - 1857

Liberty Weekly Tribune June 5, 1857

Later from Salt Lake City

By the arrival yesterday of a number of young gentlemen, who left their company at Little Sandy, K. T., 200 miles west of this city, we learn that a party of fifty persons, including some families, left Salt Lake on the 15th of April, among the number were U. S. Officers for the Territory of Utah, Surveyor General Burr, Judge Stiles, Mr. Dodson, the United States Marshal, and the lately appointed Post Master, Mr. Morrill. They report their trip as tedious, on account of the scarcity of grass on the route, and the cold weather. They saw no indications of hostility on the part of the Indians.

On the 14th inst., they met the U. S. Mail, at Ash Hollow, about 140 miles this side of Fort Laramie, and also Dr. Bernhisel the Delegate to Congress from Utah.

On the 22d inst., they met the first of the California emigrant trains near Fort Kearney. The emigrants are chiefly from Missouri; numbering 350 or 400 wagons, about 2,000 persons and probably 15,000 head of cattle all getting along well.

Affairs in Utah are represented as very unsettled. It appears the conduct of the Mormons has excited the apprehensions of the U. S. Officers, and they have abandoned the Territory, and are now on their way to Washington to report to the President the true state of things in Utah, and to ask for protection by the United States Troops. The statements of Judge Drummond seem to be confirmed, and that the Mormons are rebellious, cruel, and exceedingly insulting and tyrannical to all gentiles. We are satisfied, however, from our information of the internal affairs of Utah that Gov. Young will tamely submit to the official direction of President Buchanan, as we doubt not he will select such men as are suited to the occasion, [and] equip them to administer the laws effectually.

We have seen it stated that Governor Young had fled from Salt Lake. This is all a mistake, as the latest accounts represent him in bad health, and on the 20th April expected to start a tour to Salmon River, 300 miles North of Salt Lake, with an escort of 150 Danites. The Gov. doubtless, like other great officials finds it good to take a little recreation. Brigham is getting to an advanced age. His health is rapidly declining, and like Solomon finds that all things below are vanity, &c. It is our opinion that this deluded sect, completely fills up the description given in Newton's Explanations of the false Prophet spoken of in the Revelation of John, and a palpable demonstration to the world that the principle laid down in the Christian code, are the only bases, on which can be reared a permanent and lasting social compact. -- Platte Argus.