Mormon History

The Valley Tan Newspaper Articles - 1859

The Mormon Legislature Attacking the Valley Tan Newspaper - 1859

Report by Secretary of War on the Utah Expedition - 1859

Brigham Young Preaching Murder - 1859

Brigham Young Losing Church Money - 1859

Brigham Young's Sons Creating a Riot - 1859

Speech of New York's John Thompson in the 1858 House of Representatives - 1859

Mormon Legislature Fails to Support District Court Costs - 1859

Mormons Prefer Probate Courts Instead of Gentile Federal Courts - 1859

Unrighteous Brigham Young Chastising Mormons For Their Crimes - 1859

Mormon Murderer Bishop Hamblin Blaming Indians for the Mountain Meadows Massacre - 1859

Mormon LDS Church Attempt to Keep Members in Ignorance - 1859

Mormon Criminals Attempt to Intimidate Governor Cumming and Gentiles - 1859

Jedediah M. Grant Preaching Murder - 1859

Mormon Hierarchy Preaching Nonsense - 1859

Brigham Young Controlling the Juries of the Federal Courts - 1859

Brigham Young Protecting His Slaves From Contamination - 1859

Treason and Ignorance of a Typical Mormon Dupe - 1859

Mormon Throat Cutting For All Adulterers - 1859

Apostle Adulterer Parley Pratt Dies a Martyr? - 1859

Judge John Cradlebaugh's Charge to the Grand Jury and Mormon Defiance - 1859

Mormon Interpretation of Abraham's Blessing is Physical not Spiritual - 1859

Additional Troops Sent to Provo For Judge Cradlebaugh's Protection - 1859

Common Abuse of Women in Mormonism - 1859

Grand Jury Refusing to Bring Indictments For Murder by Mormons - 1859

Mormon Attempts to Have Federal Judges Removed From Utah - 1859

Mormon Attempt to Gain Control of Federal Court Prisoners - 1859

Mormon Collusion and Lies Render Federal Courts Powerless in Utah - 1859

Entire Mormon Communities of Provo, Springville and Payson are Accessories to Murder - 1859

Federal Judge Cradlebaugh Dismisses Useless Mormon Grand Jury and Refutes Provo Mayor - 1859

Brigham Young: Mormon Revelation Differs From Christian Doctrines - 1859

Apostle Orson Hyde Orders the Murder of Apostates Who Attempt to Leave Springville - 1859

Puppet Utah Governor's Attempt to Curtail Justice by Withdrawing Federal Troops - 1859

Numerous Mormon Murderers Were Protected From Federal Justice - 1859

Why Did Governor Cumming Become a Puppet of Brigham Young? - 1859

Mormon Murderers Fleeing From Justice as Federal Court Continues Its Investigation - 1859

Apostle Orson Hyde Continuing His Preaching of Nonsense and Hypocrisy - 1859

Carson City Enterprise Editor Refuting an Educated Biased Mormon - 1859

Mormon New York Herald Newspaper Blames Government Contractors for Utah Problems - 1859

Thousands of Mormon Criminals Are Still Free Due to Brigham Young's Jury Tampering - 1859

Mormon Deseret News Reporter J.V. Long Publishing False Statements - 1859

One Brave Old Soul at the U.S. District Court in Provo - 1859

Testimony of Alvira Parrish in the Murder of Her Husband, Son, and Stolen Property - 1859

Farce Report of the Mormon Court of Inquiry Into the Holding of Orrin Parrish - 1859

Testimony of Orrin Parrish in the Murder of His Father and Brother - 1859

Affidavit of Joseph Bartholomew in the Murder of the Parrishs - 1859

Mormon Murderers on Jury Doctoring the Justice of the Peace's Journal on Parrish Murders - 1859

Affidavit of Abraham Durfee in the Murder of Forbes - 1859

Affidavits in the Murder of Henry Jones and His Mother - 1859

Mormon Authorities Long List of Murder, Crime, and Deceit - 1859

Confession of Abraham Durfee in the Parrish murders - 1859

Testimony of Thomas O'Bannion in the Parrish murders - 1859

Testimony of Philips in the Witness of Apostate Murder Order by President Snow - 1859

Affidavit of Alva Warren in the Witness of a Mormon Danite Interrogation - 1859

Affidavit of Zephaniah Warren About Mormon Danite Murderous Threats Against Himself - 1859

Confidential Affidavit of Springville Utah Resident in Parrish Murders - 1859

Remarks of Judge Cradlebaugh Upon Adjournment of U.S. District Court at Provo - 1859

History of the Mormon Danite Organization - 1859

Mormon Murder of Californians Seeking to Join the U.S. Army - 1859

Nevada Delegate Address to Congress on Mormonism - 1859

More Mormon Murders and Crimes - 1859

How the Mormon Church Rids Itself of Excess Men and Bad Elders - 1859

The Deceit of the Deseret News in Reporting Mormon Murders - 1859

Lament of a Gentile in Mormon Utah - 1859

Mountain Meadows Massacre Survivors Rescued From Peaceful Indians - 1859

Mormons Boasting About Participating in Murder at Mountain Meadows - 1859

Mormons Nervous About Movement of U.S. Troops - 1859

Mormon Explanation for Murder to Save Perceived Sinners - 1859

Summary of Mormonism and its Beliefs - 1859

"The Mormon Prophet" Play Receives Good Reviews - 1859

"Mind Your Own Business" Mormon Motto - 1859

Mormon Hierarchy Wanting Statehood Yet Defying Federal Authority - 1859

Puppet Governor Sends Mormon Marshall to Calm Menacing Mormon Militia - 1859

Mormons Blame Indians for Mountain Meadows Massacre Despite the Evidence - 1859

The Good Work of Judge Cradlebaugh Despite Interference From the Puppet Governor - 1859

Brave Valley Tan Editor Gives Up on Justice Being Established in Utah - 1859

Emigrants Planning Their Escape From Utah - 1859

Why Did Kirk Anderson Leave as Editor of the Valley Tan? - 1859

Mormon Hate For Federal Judges and Love For Puppet Governor - 1859

Brigham Young's Puppet Governor Tried to Thwart Justice - 1859

All Non-Mormons Condemn Brigham Young's Puppet Governor - 1859

Danites or Nauvoo Legion Acknowledged by Puppet Governor - 1859

Faulty Popular Sovereignty Doctrine of Stephen A. Douglas is Exposed by Mormonism - 1859

Mormon Hierarchy Fearful of Apostasy Spreading Amongst Mormons - 1859

New Valley Tan Editor Offers Second Opinion to Mormonism - 1859

The Catalogue of Mormon Crimes in Utah - 1859

Pro Puppet Governor Letter Published in Valley Tan - 1859

Valley Tan Editor Publishing Mormon N.Y. Herald False Statements  - 1859

Mormon Utah Polygamy Statistics - 1859

Has the Valley Tan Newspaper Become the Tool of the Puppet Governor? - 1859

False Statements By Mormon New York Herald Exposed - 1859

President Buchanan's Appeasement of Mormon Criminals in Utah - 1859

Mountain Meadows Massacre Survivors Escorted Back to Arkansas - 1859

Nevada Gentiles Hoping Brigham Young is Brought to Justice - 1859

U.S. Attorney General's Attempt to Get Utah District Attorney to Prosecute Mormon Criminals - 1859

Apostle Orson Hyde Trying to Scare People Into Staying With the LDS Church - 1859

Mormons Caught Counterfeiting U.S. Government Checks - 1859

Speech by Missouri Senator Green on Mormon Treason and Crimes - 1859

Horace Greeley's Speech Promoting Freedom of Information and Freedom of Slaves - 1859

Testimony Implicates Brigham Young in Counterfeiting Scheme - 1859

Mormon Arrogance in Welcoming Horace Greeley to Salt Lake City - 1859

Mormon Fanatics Should be Prohibited From Emigrating to the United States - 1859

Gentile Mass Convention in Utah to Address Wrongs Committed by Mormons - 1859

Utah is Actually a Colony of Great Britain Due to Mass Emigration - 1859

The United States is Doomed per Apostle Heber C. Kimball - 1859

U.S. Judge Sinclair Charge to the Mormon Grand Jury - 1859

Plaintiff in Lawsuit Against LDS Church is Murdered in Salt Lake City - 1859

Mormon Sheriff of Salt Lake County Allows Criminal to Escape - 1859

Mormon Salt Lake City Policemen Refuse to Arrest Thief of Emigrants - 1859

Theocracy for the United States is God Ordained per Apostle Orson Hyde - 1859

Sergeant Ralph Pike Murdered by Mormon Howard Spencer in Salt Lake City - 1859

Mormon Military Guide Leads Troops Into Hopeful Indian Ambush Near Bear River - 1859

Brigham Young Ordered the Murder of the Parrishs Via Bishop Johnson - 1859

Lawsuit Against Brigham Young Dismissed Due to Murder of Plaintiff - 1859

Do Not Sell Anything to the Gentiles as Doomsday is Near per Apostle Heber C. Kimball - 1859

Deseret News Editor as Probate Judge Usurps the Authority of the Federal Judges - 1859

Danites Murder Apostate in Salt Lake City Who Had Been Warned - 1859

Apostle Heber C. Kimball Wishes Everyone Who Drank Alcohol Would Die - 1859

There are Printing Offices, Electric Telegraphs, and Short-hand Reporters in the Mormon Heaven - 1859

Nevada Citizen's Declaration on the Treason and Evils Practiced by Mormons - 1859

Mormon Love Bombing of Newly Arrived Fanatical European Dupes - 1859

Mormon Apostle Heber C. Kimball is Proud of His Treason and the United States is Whipped - 1859

Mormon Despotism is Compared to European Despotism and is not Compatible With U.S. Values - 1859

Apostle Heber C. Kimball Encouraging Mormons to Throw off the Yoke of the United States - 1859

Editorial Change With The Valley Tan Will Respect Mormons as Individuals - 1859

Mormonism Must Change Before Utah is Admitted Into the United States as a State - 1859

Horace Greeley Assails Mormonism for its Treatment of Women - 1859

More Mormon Apostle Orson Hyde Preaching Nonsense - 1859

Mormons Tend to Get Their News via Astrology - 1859

Swindling of Gentiles is Common Practice With Mormons - 1859

Mormon Counterfeiter Gets Light Sentence for Felonies Committed - 1859

Stephen A. Douglas is Still a Favorite Despite His Faulty Popular Sovereignty Theory - 1859

The Purpose of the Valley Tan is to be Independent Despite Mormon Hate - 1859

Mormon Men Fear the Respect Given to Women by Gentile Men - 1859

Do The Mormons Intend to Leave Utah? - 1859

Illegal Imprisonment of Apostate by Salt Lake City Mormon Mayor - 1859

Purpose of the Valley Tan is to Promote Good Personal Morals and Expose Corruption - 1859

Gentiles Hoping the Treasonable Mormons Move to New Guinea - 1859

Summary of Meeting Between Horace Greeley and Brigham Young - 1859

More Mormon Illegal Defiance of the U.S. Federal Judiciary - 1859

Insecure Mormon Men Are Constantly Accusing Women of Infidelity - 1859

Mormon Malice and Crimes are Common Towards Gentiles - 1859

Murderer Thomas H. Ferguson Should Have Been a Mormon - 1859

Brigham Young's Mormonism Violates Women - 1859

Senator Stephen A. Douglas Condemns Mormonism Despite His Popular Sovereignty Doctrine - 1859

The Mormon Criminal Organization and Adherents Should be Driven From the United States - 1859 

Federal Judge John Cradlebaugh's Charge to the Second District U.S. Court - 1859