Mormon History

Sidney Rigdon Unanswered Questions - 1878

The Salt Lake Daily Tribune October 27, 1878


Examination of Sidney Rigdon, Alias "Pelegoram," Who
Being Deceased is Examined by "Proxy."

How did you obtain possession of the "manuscript found," of the Rev. Solomon Spalulding?

When and where did you meet with Joseph Smith for the first time?

Did you not take into your confidence amongst the Campbellites, some aspiring young men and inform them that a book was going to be published to the world, containing a history of the Aborigines of America?

Amongst these young men are not the names of Parley P. Pratt and Darwin Atwater, to be found?

Was not the idea of the Order of Enoch, or Common Stock, your own invention, and because Alexander Campbell would not endorse it in the year 1830. the cause of your final alienation from him?

How much was there new in Mormonism, in 1830, which you had not been previously preaching amongst the Campbellites?

Was not the idea of introducing keys and oracles, and especially the idea of setting up a prophet and mouth piece of the Almighty the offspring of your own audacious and despotic fanaticism?



The Salt Lake Daily Tribune November 3, 1878


Examination of Sidney Rigdon, alias
"Pelegoram," Continued

Are you not the mysterious and unnamed stranger mentioned by Lucy Smith, in the Life of the Prophet Joseph, upon the loss of the 116 manuscript pages of the Book of Mormon?

It is confidently asserted among Mormons that you first met Joseph Smith in the early part of December, 1830, when you traveled in company with Ed. Partridge, from Kirtland, Ohio to Fayette, N. Y. Is this true or false? J. Smith states in his history that he baptised E. Partridge, in Seneca river, Dec. 11, 1830, "the Lord" is made to say to Partridge, "I will lay my hands upon you by the hand of my servant, 'Sidney Rigdon,'" etc. and further on, "And now this calling and commandment give I unto you concerning all men, that as many as shall come before my servants Sidney Rigdon and Joseph Smith, Jr., embracing this calling and commandment, shall be ordained and sent forth to preach the everlasting gospel amongst the nations," etc.

At this time you had but just arrived at the headquarters of the Church -- a brand new convert to Mormonism -- how is it you are so suddenly raised to the chief place in the synagogue and that "the Lord" says by your hand He will lay His hand upon Partridge, and that men are to come to you and Joseph for instruction in the things of the Kingdom?

Did you not, upon reaching Palmyra, N. Y., with Ed. Partridge, in the first week of December, 1830, in your very first sermon on Mormonism, compare the Bible and the Book of Mormon to the stick of Judah and the stick of Ephraim, and are you not the author of this analogy?

Was you not the leading spirit in the Mormon Church, both in preaching and organizing, in Kirtland and in Missouri?

Did you not, by your high handed and unlawful teachings, bring about all the troubles and so-called persecutions which came upon the Mormon people in Missouri?

Did you not talk "extermination." at least three months before Governor Boggs did?

Did not Brigham Young, Parley Pratt, and Orson Hyde, at your trial in Nauvoo, say you were the direct cause of all the Missouri persecutions, and that Joseph Smith tried to control you, but could not restrain your reckless will?

When called upon to give up your license, did you not say that you had not received it from the Church, and therefore, you would not give it up to the Church?

Finally, are you not the father of Mormonism, and is not Joseph Smith the mother?

Martin Harris, come into court.


Salt Lake, Oct. 19, 1878.