Christian Standard April 7, 1900



Not long ago I visited Grayson, Ky., the home of R. B. Neal and his most excellent wife. Many od the readers of the Standard are acquainted with Bro. Neal, and have read some accounts of his warfare against the Mormons, who are trying to take the mountains of Kentucky, and of his powerful tracts, in which he fearlessly and thoroughly exposes this abominable heresy. These tracts should be distributed by the thousand in those parts of the country where the Mormons are making their inroads. They are written in a plain and simple style that all can comprehend, and are thoroughly convincing.

Bro. Neal needs assistance in this work, for he has not the means to publish these tracts in such quantities as their importance demands. Send in your orders for them, brethren; and whether you need them in your community or not, send for some of them and read them, in order that you may see how weak and utterly groundless Mormonism is; and if you know that already, send him a contribution, anyhow, to help this good work along.

Bro. Neal is no ordinary man. He is a man of brains, as every one knows who is acquainted with him, and he has investigated Mormonism so thoroughly that there are few men in the world who know as much about the system as he does.

He is anxious for more preachers to come to the mountains of Kentucky, and help him spread the gospel and plant churches there. This is a very important need; and if several true and earnest workers go there and unite their efforts with those of Bro. Neal, a great and lasting work will be done. Those who go will find him a cheerful and agreeable Christian gentleman.
    Lexington, Ky.                                 J. W. MCGARVEY, JR



The  Mormon-Christian  War.

The following extracts will give an "inside view" of the needs of this battle with the "elders":     "Chicago, Ill.
Bro. Neal: -- I read with much interest 'The Mormon-Christian War' articles in the Standard. They interest me, especially as I came in contact with a number of Mormon relatives this past summer. Though I felt sure they were wrong, I couldn't prove it. Your facts will help.
    Elmira Rioch."

Lue R. Coombs, New Brunswick, Ind., writes: "Enclosed find $1, which you will please use to spread anti-Mormon tracts * * * I may be able to do more some day." This is the first time this sister has aided this tract work.

S. E. Hills, Odin., Ill., writes: "I have known a good deal of Mormonism outside of the general knowledge published as general literature. My mother-in-law, living with us, formerly lived in Mentor, O. She was baptized by Sidney Rigdon in 1828, some three or four years before he apostatized, and she knew personally many of the early Mormons of Kirtland, and calls to mind many things that happened then. She was present when Rigdon openly joined the Mormons," etc.