Christian Standard May 26, 1906


The  Mormon-Christian  War.

Here's a people who wouldn't "federate" with any one else, no matter how loudly "the other fellow" wanted to "federate."

The Mormons stepped up from No. 8 to No 7 in the last census of religious bodies. We ought to have sent them from eight back to nine, and keep on until we put them last and least in numbers in the United States.

Mormonism is organized in every State and Territory in the United States and in every Province in Canada.

The leaflet or the tract is their favorite weapon, and it is a power with them. They have men in the field who walk over counties, go into every log cabin in every nook and corner, and leave a tract.

The following heading of my note-head shows that the foes of Mormonism are organizing.


Official Organ, the CHRISTIAN WEEKLY. Address, R. B. Neal, Field Agent, Lock Box 58, Grayson, Ky.

National Officers -- J. W. Darby, President, McArthur, O.; J. W. Lushy, Treasurer, Grayson, Ky.; R. B. Neal, General Secretary, Grayson, Ky.

Vice-Presidents -- S. A. Donahue, Ashland, Ky.; A. B. Wade, Statesboro, Ga.; D. B. Turney, Effingham, Ill.; S. A. Phillips, Platte, S. D.; Ira C. Moore, Barracksville, W. Va.; C. C. Parket, Noble, Okla.; E. P. Woodward, Westbrook, Me.

I am to prepare 100 leaflets, as soon as possible, to be printed by the thousands, sold at a nominal price, and scattered with a free and liberal hand in disputed territory where a fight is raging.

I have just completed fifteen of these leaflets, and sent them in to the printer. Here are the titles:


No. 1. Title-page and Preface to the Original Book of Mormon.
No. 2. Hot Shot from David Whitmer for the "Brighamites and Josephites."
No. 3. More Hot Shot from David Whitmer.
No. 4. The Mormon, a Traitor to Our Country, a Foe to Our Flag.
No. 5. The Urim and Thummim.
No. 6. Oliver Cowdery's Revelation.
No. 7. A Togo Blow.
No. 8. Saving a Soul and Convicting a Liar.
No. 9. "Mother Lucy's" Book.
No. 10. That Canada Revelation.
No. 11. Oliver Cowdery's Defense.
No. 12. Oliver Cowdery's Renunciation of Mormonism.
No. 13. Cowdery's Recantation Confirmed.
No. 14. Gathering Up Israel.
No. 15. The Picture, and Two Opinions of the Mormon Prophet.

Others are in preparation. What is needed now is finances to have these printed by the tens and hundreds of thousands.

Why not join our Anti-Mormon Association? Dues, $1 per year. Send one dollar to me. As secretary, I'll enroll you as a member, and send you free, for six months, the Christian Weekley, our official organ, provided you are not now a subscriber. If you are, I'll send you a copy (reprint) of that rare old document, a "Book of Commandments." This was the first book gotten out by the Mormons after the Book of Mormon was printed. The mob came down on the printers at Independence, Mo., and destroyed both press and type, and every leaf of the book they could. Only a few copies were preserved, and they are not buyable at hardly any price. I was offered a copy at $200. The reprint is OK. My idea in offering such strong documents for membership fees is to help get funds to issue these leaflets without delay. Of course, I'm expecting donations, and liberal ones, for this worthy work. Address me at Grayson, Ky.     R. B. N

Note: The above notice is useful in setting the probable publication date for Rev. R. B. Neal's first series of "Sword of Laban Leaflets." Neal does not yet advertise his "Tract #9" with the so-called "Cowdery Defence," so it appears that he did not publish that booklet until after his first set of leaflets were in print -- perhaps near the end of 1906. It is also interesting to read that the Disciples of Christ's original organization, the National Anti-Mormon Missionary Association had, by this point in time, already been superseded by R. B. Neal's own American Anti-Mormon Association.