BOOK OF MORMON - Critique of Mosiah

The Book of Mosiah is one of the books which make up the Book of Mormon. The title refers to Mosiah II, a king of the Nephites at Zarahemla. The book covers the time period between ca 130 BC and 91 BC, except for when the book has a flashback into the Record of Zeniff, which starts at ca 200 BC, according to footnotes. Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

Chapter 1 - King Benjamin proclaims that the plates of Nephi are true and for people to do their duty.

Chapter 2 - King Benjamin proclaims his service to the people and never-ending torment.

Chapter 3 - King Benjamin prophecies about the life of Jesus Christ and never-ending torment.

Chapter 4 - King Benjamin preaches conditional salvation based on maintaining good works.

Chapter 5 - The reaction of the people and king Benjamin to each other is recorded.

Chapter 6 - King Benjamin consecrates his son Mosiah to rule in 124 BCE America.

Chapter 7 - King Mosiah sends out Ammon who finds king Limhi who addresses his people.

Chapter 8 - King Limhi finishes his speech and shows Ammon the Jaredite golden plates.

Chapter 9 - The record of Zeniff coming to the land of Nephi abruptly begins. (wheat in America)

Chapter 10 - Zeniff prepares his people for battle and they defeat the Lamanites.

Chapter 11 - King Noah begins his reign and is compared to Joseph Smith in critique.

Chapter 12 - Abinadi appears and preaches that the law saves you.

Chapter 13 - Abinadi preaches about keeping the law and the coming of Jesus Christ.

Chapter 14 - Sidney Rigdon copies Isaiah chapter 53.

Chapter 15 - Sidney Rigdon confuses the Father and the Son as being the same person.

Chapter 16 - Abinadi preaches judgment and salvation through resurrection.

Chapter 17 - Abinadi condemns his murderers and dies. (no forgiveness)

Chapter 18 - Alma begins preaching and establishes baptism and the church.

Chapter 19 - King Noah is killed and Limhi begins his reign as a tributary monarch.

Chapter 20 - Limhi attacked by the Lamanites and compared to Joseph Smith.

Chapter 21 - Sidney Rigdon picks up where he left off at chapter 8 and blunders!

Chapter 22 - The record of Zeniff leaving the land of Nephi abruptly ends. (wine in America)

Chapter 23 - Sidney Rigdon suddenly picks up the story of Alma and the fickle Mormon god.

Chapter 24 - Alma and his people escape from bondage to the land of Zarahemla.

Chapter 25 - Mosiah causes the Mulekites to become Nephites and Alma starts a church.

Chapter 26 - Mosiah gives Alma authority to admonish sinners within the church.

Chapter 27 - Alma the son of Alma is converted similar to Paul and begins preaching.

Chapter 28 - Mosiah's sons leave, he translates the Jaredite plates, and gives Alma the kingdom.

Chapter 29 - Mosiah establishes a democracy and dies along with Alma Sr.

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